Round number two here. I was starting a blog and I somehow managed to delete it when calling to Matty for help in regards to uploading images.

Today I worked on painting the kitchen RED! I managed to get one wall finished which is great. Do you know how hard it is to get tasks of any kind actually completed when you have a household of six humans and several pets. Some of you may. It leaves no time for boredom in my life let me tell you!!

Matty and I have decided that we are NOT going to paint the entire kitchen red. We are going for colorful!!! :D The ceiling will be black. YES BLACK. We will be painting sugar skulls and stars on the ceiling.

~ The Irish Soda bread is out of the oven and cooling. I need to get on the carrot cake.~

Now when you look at the photos of the red wall, bear in mind I used what I thought was an edging tool. Boy did Matty have a good laugh at me. He said to me, "No wonder it took you so long. Hahaha! Goofy me!

(see me=goofy & yummie salad with pecans and raisins.)

![](/content/images/imported/10-10-2010 045_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/10-10-2010 037_large.jpg)


There seems to be a bit of chaos right now with our kiddos being goofy hyper kiddos and Elish bumped into something, break for a diaper cloth and ice. Be right back...

Okay...every thing's good but I NEED to finish up with these photo uploads here and get on this carrot cake so I can lift weights tonight. :)

Irish Soda Bread:

![](/content/images/imported/10-10-2010 049_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/10-10-2010 050_large.jpg)

Now here is the WALL OF RED!!! :D

![](/content/images/imported/10-10-2010 027_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/10-10-2010 028_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/10-10-2010 026_large.jpg)

The red paint was part of my birthday gift from Matty :) Thanks Matty I <3 you!!!!

Now off I go because time flies by way too fast and this adrenal fatigued, hormone imbalanced, Momma with way too many other issues to list gets tired faster than most of those her age. Sad but true. C.P. takes a toll, but ya know what I do a whole hell of a lot more than many people do just here in my own home. I am always super busy, too busy some might say. This little brief blog was my moment to myself sort of...hahaha..

Okay, keep smiling people! Love everything! (I know how can I say that when i have fly traps hanging. we don't use screens so hence the traps. Poor flies. Do I feel guilty as heck?! Yes I do. Poor sentient little guys.)

Okay enough or I will distract myself and never bake this carrot cake.