This is a quick post as I am going to be watching the second Matrix with my wonderful hubby when he comes in from walking Guinness.;)

1.) I wanted to let everyone know that when I was writing "BRIGHID" it was a form of automatic writing. I was in a meditative state.

2.) My friend recently went through a scare with her kitty Saffron.


Saffron the word has been brought to my attention quite often over this past new year of "2005" Yes I placed quotes around 2005 because as you all know, I do not believe in this thing constructed and called linear time.

Saffron....Do you know the color Saffron?

If you do not....then please allow me to refresh your mind.
It is the color of the Buddhist Monks robes.

To be named it whether you are a four legged, two legged, creepy crawly, stone person, or tree person...etc...this name...
this title must hold good medicine.

For why else would the Buddhist Monks choose such a color to surround themselves in?!

Saffron = Life Force