School Work

I've been meaning to post some of these photos over on face book.

These are some of the goofy errors that Willow makes on her school work. For example question 20: Writing to explain.![](/content/images/imported/10-4-2010 076_large.jpg)

Willow's answer for question number 20.

![](/content/images/imported/10-4-2010 077_large.jpg)

![](/content/images/imported/10-12-2010 031_large.jpg)

Question 40.

Willow's answer:![](/content/images/imported/10-12-2010 032_large.jpg)

The answer that was in her book if only I could get her to read the very top of her pages. EVERY TIME that she has questions that are in regards to the information at the very top/beginning of her Math lessons she just bonks out. I then ask her if she bothered to read the very beginning and she tells me no.

![](/content/images/imported/10-12-2010 033_large.jpg)

There are more but it takes me quite a bit to upload these photos to our server. Matty is trying to work out the kinks and configure a nice multiple uploader for our sites. :D

Okay now off to see my husband, paint some walls and cook dinner for my fangily!!! :D