Humans disgust me...
flat out plain and simple...
Humans are disgusting...

I just opened up my national geographic magazine to an article about the axis Deer being a "pest". As the deer is "over populated"


Who are you and what gives you the right

You oh mighty oh powerful human..

you have the right to execute a life.

You who cannot look upon your self to see that

the human race is over populated.

Long ago there was a race of humans who knew how to honor the deer that they took for food. Using EVERY part of the animal...spiritually taking in the animal as an medicine.

These humans were also treated like a lower "nuisance."

You see where they are now, driven off of their own land.


You will see when your scientists hook up probes and every other technological device that they come up with to probe inside the will see that the deer has every right to be....and you will see that this deer will be feeling just as your own blood, as your own children feel.

How would your emotions react if someone was killing your children your family because they were a nuisance...