Just a few days ago I found out that a friend of mine has a spot in her head just like mine.

I mean JUST like mine.

It appears to be like the soft spot of a baby, as though the skull plates never really came together in a full fuse. Not only does she have this SAME EXACT SPOT in the SAME EXACT PLACE.....
Her skull is completelty shaped just like mine!!!!!!
In all of my 29 yeas I have been obsessed with the shape of my skull and the SPOT!
Now to find that someone else out there has the same...as most of my friends say"freakness".....man I am so freekin stoked! Oh get this...this one is way cool as well...
For all of my life I have been picked on for my long toes....(they are pretty long). Well she has long toes too and they are shaped like mine.
I have found through my life thus far that everyone has unique feet and toes. However, this is truly very interesting to me. That we should share th same shape toes...we put our opposit feet next to each other...and.....man... It looked like a set that would belong to one person.
Okay enough with Brigitte's crazy ass morning thoughts.....back to my coffeeeeeee and on to scope out crystalinks.