What I am about to write is just thought. Thought, which I should deem as a plural, as one thought always leads to another and another after that. So, Thoughts plural it is. I am having these while listening to my husband crunch on potato chips, While listening to my daughters play, laughing, giggling and fighting over toys. Mulan 2 is playing in the background, echoing in my ear canal. The Kitchen light is shinning down brightly in my eyes, causing my stigmatism to be a bit on the painful side. Vision. Life is going on all around me, so perhaps I should get to this post so I can go enjoy it. Life that is! :P


This is a post about Spirals. The motions of which have caused creation. Not just the Creation of man. Creation of thought as well. If you were to break the shackles which encase your heart like a box of heavy led. Emerging and bursting forth would be thought from the heart. This bursting of thought often termed Enlightenment would allow the bonds of illusions to be broken and disperse into millions of tiny triangular fractels. Swirling out into the nothingness these triangles would drift until forming something like that of a a spiders web back into the essence of the Creators. Where the projection that once was walled around your new mind would ease into one whole. No longer would the duality of illusion and non- illusion exist. Nothingness which indeed is Something, ( I was taught that by my fifth grade teacher. That was one of his favorite things to teach almost daily. He would hold out his hand, which appeared to be empty and ask us, the students, what was there. …what did we see.? What did we see in his cupped hand? “Nothing” the children would cry out. Though I always preferred to stay silent. My teacher then went on to say ,”ah but if Nothing is there in my hand, then indeed there is something isn’t there?.” Most of the children would argue and say that there was nothing there…yet My Teacher would simply repeat himself. I always understood!)

There In the Nothingness of Something-ness we are. Everything, Every thought that has ever occurred. So it is, that if thoughts are patterns. Patterns Which make form. Perhaps the form of tiny triangles which swirl into circular forms,
forms which dance to a music of tones. Tone’s which have numbers and codes. Codes and numbers of nothingness. Perhaps the code is the number and place of three. For there must be two in order to create one, which is but what else, except for three.
Three , Six and Nine.

And here we are going on into the fifth world. Well how many are there? Worlds that is, Perhaps there are 10. Which equals One and One must equal Zero. For without two there is only one and one will lead us to Nothingness…

Just some thoughts for the day.

You might also enjoy the pictures and clips of writing I have chosen to go with my thoughts on this day :P

The Age of Spirits

Now when chaos had begun to condense, but force and form were not yet manifest and there was nothing named, nothing done: who could know it's shape? Never the less Heaven and Earth parted, and Three Spirits began the work....

These appeared spontaneously and afterward disappeared. But the young earth, like floating oil, now was drifting , and there sprang up something like a reed shoot, from which two spirits emerged....

And these were the five who separated Heaven and Earth.

Now there were born thereafter, spontaneously, the following pairs, who also appeared and then disappeared...

-Kojiki "Record of Ancient Matters", Japan 712 AD

Spirals appear everywhere in our creation, in seashells, pine cones , animal horns and patterns of plant growth. They also appear in non-living natural objects such as galaxies and in non-living natural processes such as hurricanes or ocean waves. ( I do have to interrupt this writing of anothers with my own thought...I believe that galaxies, hurricanes and ocean waves are indeed LIVING.)

Virtuous, the Roman architect and author of De Architecture, said, "Nature has designed the human body so that its members are duly proportioned to the frame as a whole." Studies show the proportions of phi (fibonacci) are found in man.

The average height for the navel of a man is .618 of the total body height. The same proportion is found between the bones of the human hand . The human body, including the head, has a Fibonacci five appendages attached to the torso. The hands and feet each have five fingers or toes. Our senses also number five, sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. The Fibonacci sequence has been found in the solar system. Planets with more than one moon have a Fibonacci correlation in the distance from the moons to the planet. A similar Fibonacci relationship holds true for the distance of the planets to the sun.

The Chinese diagram symbolic of the tao represents geometrically an interplay of two principles: the yang... and its opposite, the yin... They are enclosed in a circle of which each occupies half, representing the moment (which is forever) when they generate the ten thousand things...

..the Generative "Womb of all, the Beginning and the End of Beings". Kali devoured time itself at the end of time, she resumed her "dark formlessness",which appeared in all the myths of before-creation and after-doomsday as elemental Chaos.

Now here I have listed some interesting links...please do click on then if you are interested in following sites that pertain to this topic.

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Vortex Grid

For those of you who decided to stay for the entire post, I'm not quite done with my thoughts.

You see this picture here?

Well take a good look at it and ponder for a moment. Ponder this. The Earth which we live on it is like this baby in the womb is it not? The protective orb known as the womb keeping the child safe and protected within. Just as our atmosphere encases the world, also keeping it safe and protected from unknown trama that could cause great pains, perhaps even death. A Human or animal Mother who with her body encases the womb, she is but also part of the womb. She pays careful attention to what it is she places within her own body as to not cause any harm to the child growing within her. For the child growing within her is a part of her as well. So the Human/Animal Mother will eat food from this Earth which is grown deep within our own planets womb. Which would be the Soil of the Earth itself. The food the Human/Animal mother consumes should be that which is free from pollutants and toxins. Everything must work together as one, From the Soil we are here to cultivaite to the air we were placed here to breathe. yet this is not happening today. The Womb that the Earth is kept safe within, like an incubator, is opening. The narrow passage way is set. The pains are in motion, and the Earth will soon have to be born. We as humans living as hosts on this Earth Will more than likely go with it. Or we will be washed out with the fluids gushing and swirling out of the birth canal and into the cosmos. (Hense, the triangles I mentioned earlier.) Where does this leave us. As Humans/Animals...I don't know perhaps somewhere in the actually body of the Earths own Mother. As the Atmosphere remember was just the womb. Then the Cosmos most be the Earths Mother. Just as the Earth is Mother to the Plants and Trees that are grown inside of her womb of protective soil. The Earths Mountains and Land being the body the baby that is growing within the atmosphere. Soon the baby must travel through the opening.----

I'm losing focus as I watch Matty and Autumn play with magnets.
That's it for today. :P

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