Yesterday we went to my dentist appt so it could be decided what to do with my wisdom teeth. The assesment, my left wisdom teeth must come out. Both the top and the bottom. Whew. I'm excited about this as chinese medicine suggest you take those suckers out! here go Willow and Autumn fighting over Autumns computer because I'm the big meanie taking over Willow's right now--brb-- okay that's solved. Whew! Man they were getting so mad with each other. As if we all hadn't played together all morning with frogs and bug cathcers. Now they're fine because I explained to Willow that she is older, so she should let Autumn control the mouse on the Diego game and Willow should show her where to click and what to do that way little Autumn Rain learns to be a very smart big girl who can do it all on her own just like Willow. Willow liked the very smart big girl part. :P I didn't want to tell Willow that Autumn already knew how to do it. This way is just better.

so let's see what else?

Yesterday Willow and I planted about 60 maple trees in little cups. The day before I planted a few in cups and their already sprouting! So cute they are. The tiniest little maple trees I've ever seen. :D Well, then today when I woke up, I planted about 90 more. I have quite a bit of work cut out for me as these little babies grow. I of course want to transplant them all over the yard when their tall enough. not all 150 of them, I plan on putting some out in the feild directly behind our house were the four wheeler doesn't go.

I also bought five baby White Spruce trees off of ebay for 4.95. Weee! I can't wait to plant them when they arrive.

So as I was planting the maple seeds into their little cups I was thinking... All of you who read my lj could send me tree seeds from where you live. I'm assuming y'all have different trees around you. Maybe someone has an Ash tree, or a Witch Hazel tree, or a Mulberry tree, etc...anyway, if you take some seeds and place them in a damp paper towel, pretty good and damp then put them in a zip lock baggy you could ship them priority mail to me and I could plant them here in my yard. Well that's considering that any of you would actually want to gather little seeds for me. I would pay the shipping of course. I dunno I just think that's a kick ass idea.

Well you'd have to messege me to tell me what kind of Seed you have. No use sending it if it isn't cold hardy. You'd be surprised to know what can grow in my zone.

I could send y'all one of my baby maples I'm growing, if you wanted one?

Of course you know I JUST got Elish to sleep and not a few minutes go by and Willow wakes her up. This is constantly happening, little Elish never gets any good sleep. ah well, that's the life of having siblings. :D I can't wait til she's 1 years old. :D Weeee it's going to be so fun watching her walk and try to play with her older sisters! :D

My little visitor Squirrel is back today. I took pictures of him two weeks ago. He was in our crab apple tree trying to tear apart my Buddhist prayer flags. :) Good nesting material.

Also I noticed that there is a family of Cardinals living in this tree. They LOVE the bird seed that Matty put out for them :D The Daddy Cardinal is showing the baby Cardinal the ropes right now. :D