Okay man, it's 12:50 am just finished watching the prophecy three with Matty and the girls. And man I am so bloated it hurts. Oh god this sucks, I mean to think I lived for half my life bloated because of intolerances to certain foods, and now to know what it has felt like to have 0 bloat....

Sigh, to have it back is not good at all. Tonight for dinner I had a homemade pizza with gluten free yeast free crust. The crust took most the time, onions green peppers sausage YUM! But it was so good I just kept stuffing my face. I swear my 27/28 inch waist is bloated to like 35 or something. I mean that's a lot of freekin' bloat. :( THE PAIN UGH!

So tonight I'm ordering this stuff called NSI. It has all the same ingredients as Candex but there are like 260 veggie caps in the bottle which is more than Candex and half the price. I can't wait for it top proces and come through so I can work on the evil candida. Hmmm, Matty just got off the pot so I'm going to cut this short so I can go lay down with him.

Oh and I ate more Rice Dream lactose free ice cream tonight after stuffing my face with tons of pizza. I was hoping that working out alone would help the bloat, but it doesn't. It makes my workouts a serious chore now :( UGH!

I'll blog more tomorrow. Love you all :)