Please reader bear in mind that when I wrote this post...I was very very upset with the fact that some people would take spiritual enlightment and twist to their own sexual lust and sickness. Please excuse the cursing.

There are some real fucking creep Gurus out there.

Sick bastard fucks.

I was reading about this one who just fucking pulled illusions so well over stupid fucking drones! That's what you must be if you look into the spiraling eyes and fall for the bullshit that this asshole was spewing down all the little doe's throats. Oh celibacy this and celibacy that...But come to my room so I can give you my unconditional love. Come to my room so you can feel my spiritual Avatarness flow from my life and fill you with supreme consciousness! Yeah right! Fucking perverted piece of shit! Stupid fucking Automatons! Fuck I am so aggravated. But I am being disrupted as my Native radio station just went to static as I started to type this....and now my daughter needs milk and her purse. I have to go ..