For those ot you who don't read my myspace, I'm trying to keep things posted here.

So, I let the girls have yesterday off because I didn't give them the luxury of having veterans day off.  Man let me tell you, you'd think that they had taken the entire weekend off.  Willow's brain was mush for about the first ten minutes. Though after that she did quite well with all of her studies.

Autumn on the other hand started out well, super happy with tons of vigor.  She was listening and overall enjoying the lessons.  However, it all went down hill when she had to do pages of the number 0.  One page was sufficient, but i thought heck let's go for another since she's doing so well.  BAD IDEA! I shouldn't have pushed a good thing when I had it. :(

Needless to say I am exhausted both mentally and physically from teaching all day and now I need a break!!!!!!!!

So off to surf the net about hair colors and frivolous stuff.

How was your day?