This article pictured below, which was found by my cousin Dennis, describes the cause of death of my beloved Great Grandmother. I've been deeply drawn to her my entire life. Though I quite obviously never had the opportunity to meet her. I even named my mother's antique baby doll which I inherited after her. Susan. - I thought I would also take this opportunity to mention one of my most recent antique finds. It is a door which is exactly likened to the door in photo number 3. In this photo, you will see my great grandfather Homer Keplinger, Susan's husband, standing in front of his home's screen door. In this picture he must be around the age of 2. I've always wanted a screen door just like this! Well, last week I was lucky to find one at my favorite shop! The door find is pictured in the last photo. Matty knew as soon as I saw the door what it meant to me. For me, it's a representation of Homer. I was so giddy when Matty purchased it for me!!! there's more to this story. About Susan and the fact that my cousin just posted this article tonight. I was thinking heavily upon both he and my great grandmother last night. I was looking upon the deep orange last quarter moon having my personal thoughts. Reaching out, speaking, as if to Susan, Dennis and the great Diana! So to me.. for me... this newspaper article being posted tonight is more than a coincidence!