Today I woke was drinking my coffee, not even really awake yet, but I had to get on this computer to check my lj because I was expecting to see a late night post from my friend Lauren telling me everything was okay. Telling me that her trip to the hospital last night was not really needed. HOWEVER....

When I turned on my Gaim, which is a Linux messenger service, there were several messeges from her husbands cell phone there. Lauren at 34 weeks pregnant is in Pre-term Labor. They gave her some meds to stop the contractions, In doing this her heart rate jumped up and for about a half an hour eight doctors could not find baby Davids heart beat. Thankfully, it was the fact that baby Davids heart rate was matching Laurens. I don't know if I should say 'thankfully' because I don't know if that's good that Laurens heart rate was so high because of meds to stop contractions?!

On top of all the stress, they had to administer an IV into her hand wich she has never had, and it took five attempts until they called in the anesthesiologist to do it. In the meantime she is hooked up to monitors and on meds. If none of you have ever been pregnant and hooked up to machines, IV's and pumped full of drugs, let me be the first to tell you, it is not easy to dismantle all of that and scoot your drugged up pregnant but to the bathroom in time for poddy use or puking use.

The 'condition' thus far remains that if the contractions become stronger the doctors will allow her to go into labor and deliver baby David. He will remain in ICU at the minimum for a week.

May I ask all and any of you who read this, that whatever you believe in...who ever your god or light, or higher being is that you are on a level with, please, please send good energy and prayers Lauren and Davids way. For if she is to give Birth to him on this New Moon, shall he be healthy and strong and shall Lauren also be healthy and strong!

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Thank you- Brig-