I couple of days ago I was thinking to myself. I was questioning why it was that I had a white bear photograph for my archives link.

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I questioned the Creator on this matter. I know that to most of you, you may find such a thing silly. You may think, "why would she ask her Creator about an archive button that her husband made for her blog." "And why would she look for the deeper significance in such a thing, man this girl has lost a few marbles."

Well, at this point all I can really do is keep this journal as a way to record my thoughts. Perhaps you will see how it is that I view my world, and perhaps you will not.
When I spoke to my Creator, I used telepathy, that is if you want to call it by that name. I spoke my thoughts with my mind. What was shared was between the Creator and myself. You already understand from the beginning of the post that it was in regards to the White Bear.

Tonight I received an answer. You may also laugh at this if you choose to. Again thinking that I am a crazy white girl. You may think that I read too much into things.
I believe that I understand how to acknowledge the signs that are given to me regardless of what form it is that they come to me as.

With these thoughts, I leave you with this;

Bears hibernate in the winter, which may explain their association with "dreaming the Great Spirit" or retrospection. The symbolism of the Bear's cave reflects returning to the womb of Mother Earth. [A Cave is an archetype for the mind - sleep - returning to higher consciousness.] This also suggests a strong feminine aspect, one of nurturing and protection. Bear cubs, born in the early spring, can spend as many as seven years with their mother before reaching maturity. People with Bear Medicine are considered by many as self-sufficient, and would rather stand on their own two feet than rely on others. They are often considered dreamers. Many have developed the skill of visualizing new things, but as a result can get caught up in the dreaming, making little progress in waking reality. Bear's medicine includes introspection, healing, solitude, wisdom, change, communication with Spirit, death and rebirth, transformation, astral travel, creature of dreams, shamans and mystics.

Bear Medicine

The Bear is the keeper of the dream time, and stores the teachings of dreams until the dreamer wakes up to them. Many tribes have called this space of inner-knowing the Dream Lodge, where the death of the illusion of physical reality overlays the expansiveness of eternity. It is in the Dream Lodge that our ancestors sit in Council and advise us regarding alternative pathways that lead to our goals.

If you like bears, you should maybe look into some books on interpreting dreams; especially if you're a heavy dreamer. If you need a lot of sleep, it may be Bear working. This female receptive energy, for centuries has allowed visionaries, mystics, and shamans to prophesy.

The strength of Bear medicine is the power of introspection. Bear is not one to make snap decisions, nor one to ramrod or force into any position. Bear takes in all available information, takes it into his quiet place, studies that information carefully, gives it careful thought for a while, and then reaches his own informed decisions based on the facts at hand. Bear is the one who says, "I have to think about this. I'll be in touch later." You can rely on opinions coming from a Bear person as being well thought out and thorough, and based on the facts given. To accomplish the goals and dreams that we carry, the art of introspection is necessary.

Bear is a fierce warrior, especially when protecting their young. They appear to be lumbering and slow, but can have lightning speed when threatened. They love fish when they can get it, but they also eat berries, honey, etc. Bear people like home and shelter, and like to be warm and cozy.

With Bear Medicine, the power of knowing has invited you to enter the silence and become acquainted with the Dream Lodge, so that your goals may become concrete realities. This is the strength of Bear.