When I was a little girl my mother gave me a special piece of Teak Wood to wear around my neck. The Teak Wood was to protect me from evil spirits. I was born on the Island of Guam. The Guamanians taught my Mother about the Tree Spirits and the Banana Trees. In turn she also taught me many things about Spirits and the Spirit world. Many people do not know this, as this was something I kept to myself.

Huna teaches us that everything is alive, aware, and responsive. Therefore everything has a spirit. Many people reject this idea outright, since it appears to contradict much of what we are taught from early childhood. If the idea has even a modicum of appeal for you and yet seems totally implausible, consider simply pretending that it is true. Think of what could happen if everyone just pretended that everything is alive, aware, and responsive. Think of how we would approach everything with a greater degree of caring and respect. There is a famous teaching that says, "Never love things and use people; instead, love people and use things." But what if we were to love people and things? And what if, instead of using them, we were to cooperate with them in a spirit of harmony?

Huna also teaches us that everything is connected, so our own spirits are each connected to all other spirits. As human beings, we usually tend to have the closest spiritual connections with those life forms with which we share similarities. Only rarely do we relate to those life forms very different from us. For example, many people have very close relationships with dogs or horses but few have close relationships with snakes and even fewer with cockroaches. Yet there is one life form very different from us with which many of us do experience close spiritual links. It is the tree. --- by Jim Brinkley---TREES