The Creator has a splendid way of bringing things to you if only you ask.
Sometimes you need not even ask. For in your acts of kindness, out of pure unconditional love for the Creator. Bestowed upon you will gifts flourish.
For it is indeed the Creator we should be giving thanks to and praying for the well being of.Not praying for selfish reasons.
Do you see?
To love your Creator, regardless of what or who the being is....That is pure love.
Blessed by such a being, for giving me my path.
Watching synchronicities, but only knowing and catching them after the fact.
Causing a chuckle here and there...Saying to my Creator, "oh hehe, I get it, I know why you did that this way and why you did this that way. How funny, good lesson. Thank you"

Tonight the links connected.
It may have taken a week or two.
But without fail my Creator is trying to show me that in fact,
the love is there in return.

I assure you, all of you. If you look upon the sky,
if you feel the wind within your soul,
if you understand the Trees,
if you would only go out and talk, speak with your Breath of life to the Stars,
they will come to you. They will tell you Truths.


Listening to the Cure, Disintegration.

My thoughts upon an old friend.

I am afraid that I must cut this blog entry short. As my back hurts, and I am trying to get my children to bed. I will continue this post tomorrow:P