My husband just came home from work a little while ago and after he was settled he read my blog. Upon reading my blog he told me some things of note.

  1. My post time is 2:13pm. How is that possible when I woke at 3:00pm from this dream.

  2. My husband left for work at exactly 2:13 pm.he noted the time.
    (remember after he left for work I went back to sleep in order to have the dream that I posted.)

3.) My husband said that I only called out his name once after the first dream I had before he had left for work.

  1. The parade I heard outside after the man stopped talking to me in the bedroom.
    It was a New Orleans Old Style Funeral Procession.(which means it is a route walked on foot by the mourners with the dead carried all the way to the burial site through the city streets of New Orleans accompanied by musical instruments. There is also a group of men who are elders that will be leading the procession and they will be dancing the Death march as ceremony for the spirit.)

5.) I bled tonight from two different areas simultaneously. And not just a tiny amount of blood either. I am still bleeding from both areas and it started at 9:30pm

6.) Monique had her baby out for the first time tonight.