Arrghh.... here I sit. Not awake.
contemplating cleaning this house. Only the bedrooms look like a tornado came through. However, when I take a scope around here from the view of sitting at the puter table...
I don't want to do jack!!! For years I have been an obsesive compulsive clean freak....I mean we are talking CLEAN freak. I would clean whenever I got the chance. I couldn't sit still so what better to do than engage in some cleaning.

It is good for your spirit.

Cleaning brings you

Sigh...right... so where is all that now. Grrrr... out the window.
Have you ever tried to keep up with a housefull of slobs? Let me tell you wears on you after a while. If you "Nag" them to help you does nothing but push them further away and cause more of a mess....not to mention resentment. So what happens to the obssessive compulsive cleaner you ask...she gives in and gives up! No more straight lines more Zen. Where then does the answer lie?
In letting it go man.
Do we as Americans...(and were the hell did we pick up that fucking name. American...oh god come on....I don't even want to go down that road. We are here to escape religious persecutions....HA! So look at what WE have done....Look at the Native "Americans"...
Jesus Christ----- I think we as a people are fucking sick! Forcing a beautiful people to live on reservations --------------Dum dadum dumdum------

Enters the room: My beautiful daughter,
awe she's soooo---wait what! What the** _ _ _ _!!!!OH MY GOD!She has no hair!
My daughter was cutting paper....or so I thought. While I was off on a tangent about who only knows where I was headed...I allowed myself to ignore the voice in my head that said : " Brigitte...go check on Willow..."
Now let me tell you. Normally I have these magical eyes that somehow sprouted in the back of my head upon becoming a mother. Yep, thats need for prayers or magical first daughter was born and that night as I lay with her in my arms in the hospital bed....swirls danced in the room just above our heads....they were the powers of the universe coming to me just as the tooth fairy would come to a child that lost her tooth and had the precious gift tucked with her in bed. So as these swirls danced above us allowing us the gift of telepathy....they also bestowed upon me a thousand eyes in the back of my head. Now generally these eyes are open all of the time....however, just before caffeine enters the blood stream, these eyes are just ever so slightly cracked. Technically yes I realize that that does in fact justify openess. Yet, I have lived with these super human eyes for a period of ----oh----four years now...and let me tell you they had not yet gone awry. Except for this day....just this day. You may ask yourself how I know for sure that they have held their amazing powers for such a long period of time. Well I only know this because I am married. Let me assure you that my husband ....he
those magical beasties
!** They periodically cause an odd wiring effect to take place....they tend to hook into my synapse from time to time and it causes my mouth to uncontrollably speak. Now this speaking mind you comes directly from these thousand eyes. As they have no mouth from which to speak from, they input their info into my mind and the next thing you I am "nagging " my husband.
** TO BE CONTINUED**------------------