Tuesday April the 12th.

I have slept until 4:00pm

Upon Waking I immediately tell my husband my dream.


In Spirit with E.C.

In Spirit meaning I did not have my view point as first person.
Only the floating/perching view of my higher-self.
I was seeing from my higher-selfs perspective.
There were no body forms in this dream.
yet I knew there was form in way of spirit if you can understand.

E.C.'s Spirit was also level with mine.

Meaning at equal height/flotation/perch what ever you prefer.

E.C. Had a huge book.


E.C. Opened this book.

E.C. was calming me, preparing me for the information that was about to be given to me by E.C.

Within the huge book was information about where I come from.
Who my people are and why I am the way I am.
Key words I remember hearing. I was born with my handicaps and problems due to Bohemian. Bohemian is my family line. My mother..... Words trailed off and I was shown the image of a beautiful exotic bird. A bird with a large body. The bird had red feathers green feathers blue feathers yellow feathers. Mostly red.

Then it happened...

my husband rattled a plastic grocery bag and that was it.
I was ripped from my dream instantly.

Oh the frustration.

As it seemed that the preparation it took to calm me before telling me this information took a great deal of time, yet no time at all. So to have my husband disrupt the part of the dream that was actually getting to the information about ME about my Family BLOOD LINE!!!


Not to worry....

later in the night when all was forgotten,
it took only the click of a link to swirl my thoughts back to my dream.

It is only beginning.