We come upon the date of

Following all the way down the link you will come across

Look within yourself and ask, "Do I know this Trickster?"
I assure you if you do not find the answer now, you will.

For what most white men have been taught and schooled in has been covered in veil.

(I type this as I am within the vessel of a white woman. So please do not feel as though I am being prejudiced against this 'color'.

For the Race White holds me like a pot/vessel holds water.

Within the vessel my heart is that of a Red woman.
The Race Red governs my Heart, my Beat.

Within the vessel my Breath is that of a Yellow woman.
The Race Yellow governs my prayers to the Creator mixing with the element of Air.

Within the vessel my Spirit there is a Black woman.
The Black Race governs me for all of the colors. For then they are one. Do you see?)

Think wisely. Listen to yourself. The true you.

Illusions do eventually reveal what is below/beyond....

below/beyond the veil.