What the bleep do we know.....


what the bleep DO THEY know????

I just watched this movie for the first time

The only "ideas" I resonated with were those from the Indian man (meaning from India.)
Not the crock medicine man that they had portrayed in some fucked up dream sequence. If you really opened your eyes to anything about the Native American culture, you would know the truth.

Dr. Masaru Emoto is right on.

So taking those two figures I mentioned above, out of the "movie."

This movie manipulated the entire process of being able to break free from Illusions.
It was as if I were watching a brainwashing film of some program which twists your mind only into believing an entire new set of lies and falsities for a new matrix that is being set up once our time here on this planet Earth is gone.

Because as you know, like the movie said...we are all one...


Then perhaps this movie should have told us how to live in harmony with our Earth Mother rather than destroy her and spit on her. Of course the movie doesn't want to tell you how to do this...this would lead to a Native American way of life, this would lead back to a true Paganism. Oh and how that would disrupt the program.

So go on masses, go on and fill your head with half truths.

You need not this movie.

Yes we are all like the incredibles, this movie just doesn't tell you how to really unleash what we are.

Manipulation my friends Manipulation. Always be mindful and you will know the truth.

Okay it is way late, 4:am. I really need to go to sleep.


Or will I really be sleeping? Hahahaha....

I will write more on this topic tomorrow ...