Ugh! After all the work I've done to become Yeast free...well at least free of it plaguing my entire system, Last week I just had to have some witches brew wine. For the past five days now I've been bloated and feeling dampness in my spleen. My intestines hurt and I overall feel like crap again. I had been doing so well, watching everything I ate making sure that it was healthy, mostly raw. On my birthday I baked a gluten free, yeast free, Stevia/xylitol carrot cake. It was sooooooooo good. All the breads I've been making homemade, no bread machine. All Rice Flour. Amaranth flour, potato flour, etc. So yummy and all so good for me. Same with my pizza and pumpkin pie crusts, all homemade yummie! No problems with the yeasties. My cereals have been granola and the kids cereal we purchase is organic, gluten free etc. No problems when I eat any of that. This wine just screwed me. But of course I mean what fun for yeast huh. I also had an a pumpkin ale, again bad bad bad. No more for me this season.

Other than that what else is up?

Still working with Willow homeschooling. Autumn is starting on writing her alphabet. She's a natural at it though she does tend to create some of her letters upside down.

Willow's a pro at Math, reading is still a challenge, though it is getting easier for her each day.

Elish, well she's just a riot! she's totally poddy trained, wipes and dumps her little poddy seat into the adult poddy and knows how to flush. Even though I prefer we do this for her because she is still little.

Matty, weeeeeee...we shaved his head :p

mE, i'M THINKING ABOUT A MOHAWK. Not a tall one, just something cute.
K- that's my lil' update for now. :)