I was thinking about how it is that a soul develops.

How is it that for example myself,
I can remember having adult thought with adult voice in my head when I was a little baby that could not yet speak.
While others do not remember what they thought as a baby, let alone being a baby.

Why is it that some people can not look upon themselves objectively.
I call it stepping out of yourself and looking at you, the person, as if you were a stranger meeting you for the first time.

What would you think? Really think. Truthfully. Not lying to yourself and feeding your head with what you want to hear.

I find it truly amazing that a lot of people cannot do this.

Even if you were to start by doing it on a non emotional level.
By looking in the mirror at yourself as a stranger and not this person you have watched develop through the years.
It is truly intense.
You can learn so much about yourself.

I have been doing this for years...And I am now beyond that point.

As you must keep "evolving" changing.

I see people who get stuck. Searching my memory bank for a better word than stuck.

You know I could get very deep into this subject.

However my mind is pulling me to go to my live journal and type about my daughters...So that I am going to do. :)